Why Does My JEDDAH Vape Taste Burnt?


If you are vaping in JEDDAH, you might notice that your e-juices taste burnt. It can feel like
inhaling charred newspaper, and the burnt vapour cloud could scratch the back of your throat,
all the way down to your lungs. This might lead to vomiting or choking if you continue using the
same device without addressing the problem. When your e-juice does not taste right, you need
to stop vaping immediately and realize why this is happening.

Why Does This Happen?
This is a common problem that happens to a lot of people and should not discourage you from
enjoying a JEDDAH vape. The vape tastes burnt because the atomizer coil has a wick inside that
might have dried out. This wick is part of the vaporizer that absorbs the e-juice from your
device’s tank and holds it while turning it into vapour as the coil heats up. If the wick is not
adequately saturated with e-juice when you are taking a puff, the material can leave a charred
and horrible taste in your mouth, which is also known as a “Dry hit.”

How Long Your Coil Should Last
This depends on the speed at which you are vaping in JEDDAH. If you are a heavy user, your coil
might need to be replaced every week. Others, on the other hand, might only have to change
coils once a month. This is different for each device, but most are expected to last between two
to three weeks. When the coil is burnt out, there is not much you can do except changing it for
a new one. However, there are some things you can do to make them last a little longer. New
JEDDAH vapers are at risk of burning through their coils the fastest because they do not know
how to protect them efficiently.

Why Chain Vaping Is Bad for Coils
Chain vaping in JEDDAH is when you take frequent puffs without a break in between. This causes
coils to burn the most, especially for new vapers who are not giving the wick enough time to
soak the e-juices between puffs. The wick will then dry out completely and burn, leaving a poor
taste in your mouth. The best way to avoid chain vaping is by maintaining a twenty-second
breathing space between each hit. This is tricky for new JEDDAH vapers because most are ex-
smokers who are used to taking frequent short puffs, as though they are still smoking a
cigarette. The regular hits also satisfy powerful nicotine cravings. Switching to vape juices with
higher levels of nicotine and PG content will be more satisfying. This will help you take a more
extended break between puffs by reducing the temptation to keep reaching into your pocket
for the device so that your coil does not burn out too quickly. If you cannot avoid chain vaping
in JEDDAH, you might want to switch to a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). This will need re-
dripping after every few puffs, but you can continue taking regular hits without any breaks, and
the wick will not require a long time to absorb the e-juice.

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